Glenda's 2015 VIAA Deadly Art Award winning Cloaks,  A Woman’s Rite of Passage

  Photo credit: Nigel Clements

Left Photo: Milloo Net on display at Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10 2015

Centre Photo Credit: Lee Constable Daily Mercury Mackay 2015

Right Photo: Long Green Net on display at Footscray City Arts Centre 2013

Ochre Net

​‘Glenda works across a number of mediums, her feathercraft is represented in the Koorie Heritage Trust collection. She is continuously learning more about net making, focusing on cast net and dome shaped nets. Glenda is aiming towards a solo show showcasing her feathercraft. ‘I dreamt about weaving a net. So I did just that, I wove a net! When I started weaving my net my mind wandered back in time and I thought about how it must have been for my ancestors who lived along the mighty Murray River (Milloo). I could see that it would have been important for river people to own a net to catch fish or birds to feed their families.’’ 2012

Image on the Left Photo Credit: Steven Rhall

Image on Right Photo Credit: Richard Ford

Pine needle weaving  2012

Middle Image Photo Credit: Nadine McDonald- Dowd


"I learnt feather-craft at an early age by watching my mother make feather flowers and bouquets. It wasn't until later in my life that I attempted to make feather flowers and was surprised that I was able to pick up the craft so quickly." 

Blue Curtain nets & Throw Net 

Throw net was in the 2013 VIAA Finalists:

‘My net is a piece of art that is based on a craft that was once used as a tool by Indigenous Australians. My ancestors used this craft to make nets as a tool to assist them in their daily lives. The tools, the nets, are still a craft but these days the tool is now not always used in our daily lives. Today, we use the knowledge of the craft to make the tool and call it ‘art’. ’

​Centre Image Photo Credit: Stephen Collquitt